Friday, November 9, 2012

11/10/12 Update for E 156th and Beulah Park

No work for the weekend but come Monday expect to see the contractor placing straw waddle along the northern side of the construction site.  These straw filled socks are placed along the ground where the fence will be erected to help in limiting any sediment that may exit the construction limits.

You may have also saw some surveyor's laths (wood sticks) with blue tape placed around the site.  These are preliminary locations of the fencing that will soon be installed around the site.  Please note that these locations are only a rough layout and will be adjusted to accommodated the site restrictions and the contractors needs.

Work will continue at the intersection of East 156th and Lakeshore and last through mid December.

Please keep in mind the that sidewalk is still closed on the west side of E 156th due to the ongoing activities withing the fenced in area but will be replaced in the future.