Thursday, November 15, 2012

11/15/12 Update for E 156th and Beulah Park

There will be no work associated with the utility line relocation at the Lakeshore and E 156th intersection tomorrow.

General work at the location of Shaft 3-1 will continue tomorrow.  The short black material that can be seen surrounding the site is know as silt fence.  Silt fence is utilized during many construction projects to limit the migration of sediments created during construction activities from the work area to the surrounding areas.  This material will transmit water through the fabric itself but keeps the sediment contained. 

Work will continue at the intersection of East 156th and Lakeshore and last through mid December. 

Please keep in mind the that sidewalk is still closed on the west side of E 156th due to the ongoing activities withing the fenced in area but will be replaced in the future.  Also there may be short durations of traffic rerouting to allow for construction activities for the safety of the residents and the crews.  Any interruption will be kept short as possible